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SCRIPT FRENZY 2013: Here we go again!

Well, I've become a little disenchanted with my efforts to post blogs here on Livejournal, so, I'm taking my "Infrequent Posting Show" to Blogger.
Here's the link to my latest post:

Hope to see you there!
Man, I don't know what my deal is.
I can't seem to sit down and deliberately compose a full post or movie review. Since this summer I've seen a number of films that I wanted to write about, and I started to, but jeez, I couldn't stomach how any of those reviews were turning out and I just, well, gave up.
Yes, lame.

In the meantime, on Facebook, where a status is supposed to be fairly short (not necessarily as short as a tweet, but still...), I'll occasionally just start rambling about some shit.
Which is why I'm posting my second Facebook ramble. In a row.
Since it is my second consecutive spontaneous ramble, I've decided to just embrace the habit. Even if I'm posting a ramble rather than a full-out review, at least I'm posting SOMETHING.

Also, I've debated in the past about regularly posting about my impressions of films that I see only fragments of when I'm channel surfing on TV. Usually, the most interesting films I catch are when I check in on Turner Classic Movies. I was gonna call them "Drive-By Reviews".
So, I'm gonna.
That is, I'm gonna: 1) probably post any spontaneous film-related ramblings I may make on Facebook and 2) post my so-called "Drive-By Ramblings" which aren't really full reviews but a thought or two that may have occurred to me while catching a few minutes or more of something on TV.
So, I'm not completely giving up.
I'm merely quasi-lame.

As Bob would say: "Baby steps!"
[NOTE: "Bob" as in Bill Murray in WHAT ABOUT BOB, not Bob, one of my cats. Not Bob, our dainty hippo, who's a little dim, and his squeaky meow would more likely mean, "Baby food!" or some variation of "Feed me!"]
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Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival 2012

Okay, as usual, I'm going about this rather idiotically.
Today (Sunday, that is) was the fifth and last day of the 3rd annual Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival.
I've been planning to write a sort of diary-ish account of my attendance at Buffalo Screams, but what I wanna do and what I ACTUALLY do are usually two different things.
So, I'm just gonna plunge in!
Which is why, my first post is actually my Facebook status talking about the LAST day of the festival, even though I attended in some part each of the five days.
But, hell, you gotta start somewhere, right? Here it is:

Alas, today was the last day of Buffalo Screams 2012.
Unfortunately, I had some other responsibilities I had to attend to earlier in the day. I was still hoping to make the 6:30 block tonight for ONYX:ORIGINS featuring Debbie Rochon, and then the feature, DEMON MESSENGER.
By the time I was finally ready to leave for the Market Arcade, I knew I was going to miss ONYX.
Because I was running late, I almost didn't come out. I was actually pretty pooped from doing other stuff all day (at least the weather was really nice!) and also the last four days of spent energy either working or on concentrated movie watching. But DEMON MESSENGERS' filmmakers were gonna be there, and I'm a total whore for Q&AS, so I decided to still go.
As I was pulling up to the theater parking lot, at least I was able to pass by Debbie Rochon and David Marancik as they were being driven out to the Awards dinner at the Screening Room. I waved and yelled goodbye to them from my car.
The feature already started, but as it played out, apparently I didn't miss too much in terms of important exposition because I could follow the story pretty well.
After the film, the lights came up, and I was in the theater with only three other people. Two of those were the producer/writer/director, D. A. Bush, and his wife. Even though the Buffalo Screams people were at the awards dinner (specifically Greg Lamberson and Debbie Rochon), I conducted my own Q&A for about 10 minutes. Score!
DEMON MESSENGER featured some great monster make-up and a pretty killer soundtrack, particularly the sections with the driving percussion, although, man, the music was really cranking in the theater! I'm pretty sure they could hear it next door!
D. A. Bush hails from Binghamton, has film production experience, has done shorts, but this is his first feature. It's also his first film festival. He's planning on filming a paranormal/ghost house story next time. His website is www.iamhorror.com.

And... that was it for me.
Sadly, I didn't have the energy to sit through the next and very last block of films. But I chatted with the fourth dude, David, and he was sticking around to check it out.
All I can say is, for the third year in a row, Buffalo Screams TOTALLY. KICKED. ASS.
It's really too bad it didn't have a much, much stronger turnout, for so many reasons, but at the very least, those local horror film fans that didn't come out missed some really tremendous programming. Huge congratulations to organizers Greg Lamberson and Chris Scioli for putting on another great festival. Gigantic thanks to Debbie Rochon and Paige Davis for not only being here throughout the festival but being such a great part of this year's festival! You ladies rock for obviously being such cinemaphiles (especially with regards to genre and low budget filmmaking), but also being extremely generous in promoting and furthering that passionate interest, AND also being ridiculously accessible thoughout the whole festival. And on top of that, you're both hot women.

Looking forward to NEXT year's Buffalo Screams, and promising now to make and enter my own film!
But for now, it's time to return to work and earn back some of the money I spent on tickets, T-shirts and DVDs the last 5 days, and also time to look for a new clothes washer...

As usual, my apologies for not posting more often here on my film blog, but EXTRA apologies because I actually had some really cool news to relay and it’s taken me almost a month to get around to it!
I suck! Out loud! (quick tip of the hat to playwright A. R. Gurney!)

Anyway, late last month, the lovely and prolific horror film blogger, Mermaid Heather, posted an interview she did with some dude who had a supporting role in an ultra low-budget zombie film which was shot around here in WNY (specifically, Angola and Hamburg), and that same dude was also one of the co-producers of the film, and that SAME dude was ME!

What the--?? No way!
Oh, wait-- not all that big a surprise since I blabbed it all in the TITLE OF THE POST...

I be a pea-brain.

As mentioned here several times before, Mermaid Heather (aka Heather Santrous) has a horror movie review blog appropriately named, “Mermaid Heather,” and she also contributes additional horror movie reviews to the blog “Top Horror Movies Club” – cripes! She’s a movie watching/movie reviewing machine!
Heather's also a pal of mine, and she got the idea to interview me after I sent her a DVD of DefTone Pictures Studios’ zombie flick to review, THE FINAL NIGHT AND DAY.
Well, we conducted the interview by e-mail over a period of, uh, a REAL LONG TIME. But Heather’s unlike me in that she actually finishes what she starts, so we finally wrapped it up recently and now you can read the whole thing on her blog!
Of course, I’m verbose as hell, so my additional apologies for that.
But, I tried to drop a lot of names of those filmmakers I know and have worked with locally, and also some of the films and I’m curious to see what anyone thinks about the interview.

So, check it out! And if you do, drop a comment for Heather, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.


In fact, if anyone has any ADDITIONAL questions for me, I’ll be glad to answer anything that I can.

As a follow-up, I’ve been debating watching THE FINAL NIGHT AND DAY again and posting a sort of DVD commentary for my own blog here, but we’ll see if I actually get around to doing that…

DEAR GOD NO! (Video clip NSFW)

As usual, I came across something unexpected while looking for something else on the Net. In this case, I found this trailer while searching Youtube for director Edgar Wright's contributions to TRAILERS FROM HELL.
This trailer for DEAR GOD NO! is fantastic, deliriously indulgent, gloriously depraved and clever, and definitely Not Safe For Work. The narrator and narration is a hoot as well.

SCRIPT FRENZY 2012 - Day 30 + 1

Well, crap.


Now that May 1st is here, Script Frenzy 2012 is officially over. And I haven’t finished the first draft of my HORROR MOVIE screenplay. What else is new?

All this means is, I didn’t finish in time for my self-imposed deadline.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing, I’m just going to keep writing past the deadline. Ultimately, I’m supposed to be directing this movie (next summer, theoretically), and I can’t do anything until the script’s done, so I just have to keep whacking away at it.

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Script Frenzy 2012 Diary: Day 17

 April 17, 2012

There’s an annual on-line writing challenge held every April, going on a few years now, called Script Frenzy.  It’s a sort of companion challenge of a November writing challenge, National Novel Writing Month (or, NaNoWriMo). Again, it’s a challenge, not a contest. And the challenge is this: to write and complete a written work in 30 days. NaNoWriMo challenges you to write a whole novel in 30 days, specifically 50, 000 words or longer (or, 1,667 words a day).

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Time DO fly!

Well, this isn’t much of a post, I’m embarrassed to say, but that’s okay: this hasn’t been much of a blog.But I thought I’d post something just before we enter 2012 and get distracted by various end of the world events…

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Okay, there may be a HUGE sliderule being used in terms of defining "big shot" here...
BUT, on March 26, DefTone Pictures Studios had their spectacular movie premiere for their zombie epic, THE FINAL NIGHT AND DAY, at the Hamburg Palace Theater, and I was one of the producers!
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The Last 10 Films I've Seen (so far, seen 30 in 2010)

30. BRUCE CAMPBELL VS. ARMY OF DARKNESS (Director's Cut) --on DVD (1992, w. Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi; d. Sam Raimi; Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Ambercrombie, Richard Grove, Bridget Fonda)

29. TRICK R' TREAT --on DVD (2008, w/d. Michael Dougherty; Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Lauren Lee Smith, Britt McKillip, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Alberto Ghisi, Isabelle Deluce, Samm Todd, Tahmoh Penikett, Leslie Bibb)

28. SHE-DEMONS OF THE BLACK SUN --on DVD (2006, Canadian; w. Robbie Ribspreader; d. Sv Bell; Isabelle Stephen, Jan Pivon, Melantha Blackthorne, Costa, Michael Brunet, Suzy Loraine, Kerri Taylor, Marie-Claire Benoit, Penelope Jolicoeur, Ivan Judd, Dan Veilleux)

27. 300 --on DVD (2007, w. Zack Snyder& Kurt Johnstad and Michael B. Gordon (based on graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley); d. Zack Snyder; Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Rodrigo Santoro)

26. [REC] --on DVD (2007, Spanish; w. Jaume Balaguero, Luis Berdejo, Pacp Plaza; d. Jaume Balaguero, Paco Plaza; Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza, Jorge-Yamam Serrano, Pablo Rosso)

25. TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST --on DVD (1976, w.Bill Finger, Charles Sinclair; d. Richard Ashe; Chase Cordell, (Donna) Leigh Drake, Gregorio Sala)

24. RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE (LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE) --on DVD (1968, w/d. Jean Rollin; Solange Pradel, Bernard Letrou, Catherine Deville, Ursule Pauly, Marquis Polho, Louis Horn)

23. SLIME CITY MASSACRE --at the theater (2010, w/d. Greg Lamberson; Jennifer Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon, Lee Perkins, Robert C. Sabin, Roy Frumkes, Brooke Lewis, Michael O'Hear, John Renna)

22. DEAD GIRL --on DVD (2008, w. Trent Haaga, d. Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel; Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Candice Accola, Eric Podnar, Jenny Spain)

21. PATHER PANCHALI --on DVD (Indian, 1955, w/d. Satyajit Ray; Karuna Bannerjee, Subir Bannerjee, Uma Das Gupta, Kanu Bannerjee)


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