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But what I really want to do is direct.

11 February
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As I pound this out on the keyboard two-finger Szechuan-style (some obscure martial arts academy? a Chinese buffet eating discipline? I guess we'll never know...), my butt is warmed and my posture is made uncomfortable simultaneously by a cat sharing the seat of my chair. But that's not why I'm writing this. The circumstances for my creating this live journal were impulsive and not really thought out. But after a couple months of indecision, trying to decide what to do with TWO such internet beasts in my possession (I also created a blog at MySpace.com), I've decided to use them thusly (cue trumpets)(Oh, there's no trumpets... just... just that guy over there with the accordian and... wearing a unitard? What the hell? Did he lose a bet? Whatever... let him accordian away!): believing myself to be a creative type individual blessed with considerable talents AND having no sense of discipline anywhere to be found in my considerable carcass, I'm intending to use these two blogs to arbitrarily spur myself on to pursue two creative paths and mediums dear to my heart -- Comics, as in comic books, (the MySpace blog) and Movies (this blog here, y'all). Also, by working on these bloggy endeavors, I also hope to expand my abilities with regard to computers and the net, which is really being quite optimistic right now. And there ya go!

(Sheesh, lotsa words... lotsa vagueness. Yes! It's working!)